Advanced Health Assessment Essay Paper

Post an explanation of the specific socioeconomic, spiritual, lifestyle, and other cultural factors associated with the patient you were assigned. Explain the issues that you would need to be sensitive to when interacting with the patient, and why. Provide at least five targeted questions you would ask the patient to build his or her health history and to assess his or her health risks.  Advanced Health Assessment Essay Paper

Case Study
BK is a 16-year-old Caucasian female who comes in with her grandmother for an annual exam. The grandmother reports BK has been “acting strange, staying in her room all the time and refusing to do all the things she used to enjoy like singing in the youth choir”. Grandmother shares that BK’s mother is a drug addict is currently incarcerated, so she is worried BK is using drugs and wants her tested for drugs. BK is not on any medications. She is obese and does not make eye contact when you enter the room.

Advanced Health Assessment

The case is of a 16 year-old Caucasian female teenager brought for the annual examination by her grandmother. The chief complaint is that she is isolating herself from her peers and is exhibiting anhedonia (lack of enjoyment of activities she previously enjoyed doing, such as singing in the youth choir). The patent’s mother is in jail for drug use. She is avoiding eye contact and her affect appears to be dysphoric or depressed (APA, 2013: Sadock et al., 2015).


The socioeconomic factors associated with the patient are poor interpersonal relationships and lack of financial support as mother is incarcerated. She is therefore not able to fend for herself. The lifestyle factors are concerned with her inability to afford the latest trendy wear or other teenage luxuries due to her socioeconomic poor status. Spiritually, she is lacking any support since the parent is addicted to substances and drugs and therefore cannot offer any spiritual guidance. The issues that I would be particularly sensitive about when talking to the patient are her sexuality and drug use. This is because the patient needs to be assured of my position as a caring person and a person that will observe confidentiality (Corey, 2017). Five questions I would ask her are:

  1. How do you feel about yourself?
  2. Have you ever felt worthless and not fit to live?
  3. Do you have a boyfriend?
  4. When was your first sexual contact?
  5. Do you feel that you need help?


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