Analysis of an Organizational Vision Essay

Research visions from organizations in industries other than your own. Find a vision statement that provides an engaging picture for the future of that organization and is detailed enough that external stakeholders can relate to it in a meaningful way. In a paper of 750-1,000 words, address the following:
1. Describe the company and its vison statement.
2. Discuss the attributes that make the vision meaningful.
3. xplain how the vision statement is appropriate for the organization and why the vision statement is appealing to stakeholders on both a cognitive and emotional level.
4. Evaluate whether or not the vision statement encourages organizational change. Provide rationale and examples to support your assessment.
5. Compare and contrast this vision to that of a successful vision in your field, industry, or organization. How do the attributes for a vision in your field or industry differ from those in other fields or industries?
Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.  Analysis of an Organizational Vision Essay

Analysis of an Organizational Vision


A vision statement provides the organizational roadmap stipulating organizational objectives by highlighting a defined direction for the organizational growth (Schermerhorn & Bachrach, 2020). After researching various organizational vision statements in various industries, Apple Inc company was selected. Apple company is in the technology industry, which is different from my line of work in the healthcare field. Accordingly, the organizational vision of Apple Inc will be analyzed and finally compared to the organization’s vision in my field.

The Company and its Vision Statement

Apple company that manufactures consumer and software electronics such as computers, iPods, iPhone, and iPad. The company operates various stores worldwide for both software and hardware. The company has the largest market share in the technology industry in terms of profit and revenue generation (Johnson et al., 2015).  Analysis of an Organizational Vision Essay

The vision statement of Apple Inc is that the company believes it is the face of the earth to manufacture great products. The company focuses on constant innovation and believes in a collaboration that allows unique innovations. Apple Inc believes owning and controlling the primary technologies used to make the products and taking part only in markets likely to make a significant contribution. The vision statement of Apple Inc supports excellence and specialization. The vision statement of Apple Inc is extremely specific in setting its goals and promises to consumers (Johnson et al., 2015).


Attributes that make the Vision Meaningful

The vision of Apple Inc is goal-oriented and direct, as it sets clear organizational goals in providing the most excellent products and becoming an electronic leader, within the technology industry. According to Silva et al (2015), vision statements define the organizational direction, organizational goals, and where the organization is headed. The vision statement communicates the organizational purpose to the staff, and other stakeholders and inspires them to achieve the purpose.

The vision of Apple Inc is inspiring as it inspires employees and stakeholders to give their best in order to achieve organizational objectives. The vision also carries a sense of urgency, novelty, and focus as it is based on principles that focus not only on the revenue and profitability but also on commitment and giving consumers the best products through constant innovations (Johnson et al., 2015).

Analysis of the Organizational Vision Statement

Apple’s vision statement is very detailed and emphasizes the core philosophy.  The vision statement focuses on innovation and the quality of its products, which is appropriate for a technology organization where constant innovations are constant in the technology industry. Innovation is embedded in the organizational mission and all employees and stakeholders at all levels are aware of it and understand it (Johnson et al., 2015). The vision statement indicates what is most original regarding the Apple company; the company aimed to deliver outstanding performance and unrivaled product quality. The company believes in doing meaningful work that adds value to the organizational image. The vision also emphasizes values such as honesty, collaboration, and excellence of products which appeals to stakeholders to always uphold these values during work. The vision statement of Apple Inc sets high standards and focuses on achieving them and this inspires employees and stakeholders to put all their efforts in achieving and maintaining the set standards. Analysis of an Organizational Vision Essay

Evaluation of Vision Statement for Support related to Organizational Change

The vision statement of the Apple company supports organizational change. According to the vision statement, “we are constantly focusing on innovating”. This means that the vision supports change, especially technology innovation changes that are inevitable in the electronics industry (Trybou et al., 2017). In addition, the vision states the “We believe in deep collaboration which allows us to innovate in a way that others cannot” and “when we’re wrong and the courage to change”. Change is essential in organizations because it enables innovation, learning of new skills, and also allows exploration of new opportunities. Therefore, the vision statement supports organizational change in terms of innovations and embracing changes if need be.  Analysis of an Organizational Vision Essay

Compare and Contrast Vision Statements

The attributes of the selected vision statement are similar to the attributes of a vision statement of a hospital. both vision statements are direct and goal-oriented. In addition, both vision statements communicate the organizational purpose (Al-Sawai, 2015 & Johnson et al., 2015). For example, the vision statement of Apple Inc communicates the organizational purpose as being to innovate and produce excellent products, while the vision statement of the selected hospital is to provide world-class healthcare and improve the wellbeing of the community. In addition, both vision statements communicate organizational values, where the values for Apple Inc include honesty and excellency while the values for the selected hospital include dignity and kindness (Al-Sawai, 2015 & Johnson et al., 2015).


The selected company is Apple Inc, which is a leading technology company that manufactures consumer and software electronics. The organizational vision statement is extremely specific in setting its goals and promises to consumers, and supports constant innovation and collaboration. The vision inspires employees and stakeholders to give their best in order to achieve organizational objectives. The company’s vision statement supports innovation and constant changes. The vision statement of Apple Inc and that of an organization in the healthcare industry (hospital) are direct, communicate the organizational purpose and organizational values.


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Analysis of an Organizational Vision Essay




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