APN Advocacy Assignment Paper

APN Advocacy

Identify a health issue in your community or state

A significant health issue in my community is Covid-19 vaccination. The reality is that covid-19 epidemic presents a significant health concern for any community. It is not only a health threat, but also a social and economic threat. The virus continues to ravage communities as there is no cure. While not many people are dying from the virus, those who are infected seek medical care thereby placing a strain on the health care resources. In addition, those who are seek spend money on treatment and are unable to engage in economic activities (i.e. work), thus making them non-productive. Besides that, the threat of infection has brought a halt to many social activities. While there are many who have sought up-to-date Covid-19 vaccination, there are many who are either unvaccinated or have not received up-to-date vaccination. The unvaccinated present a public health threat to the rest of the population. In spite of the existing opposition, there is a need for a public vaccination mandate that punishes those who are not vaccinated so that the public is incentivized to receive publication (Mills & Rüttenauer, 2022). APN Advocacy Assignment Paper


Discuss a systems-level advocacy strategy to address the concern.

There is a need for a system-level advocacy approach that would change public laws and policies so that there is a Covid-19 vaccination mandate. An appropriate strategy is a public campaign that presents clear evidence to support the vaccination mandate. The campaign engages stakeholders in discussion on the structure of the mandate and its framing with a focus on meeting the public health needs. With clear evidence that Covid-19 vaccination reduces infection rates and keeps the public safer, the state legislators would be justified in enacting a vaccination mandate that punishes those who are not vaccinated (Milstead & Short, 2019).


Mills, M. C., & Rüttenauer, T. (2022). The effect of mandatory COVID-19 certificates on vaccine uptake: synthetic-control modelling of six countries. The Lancet, 7(1), E15-E22. https://doi.org/10.1016/S2468-2667(21)00273-5

Milstead, J. & Short, N. (2019). Health Policy and Politics: A Nurse’s Guide (6th ed.). Jones & Bartlett Learning.

APN Advocacy Assignment Paper

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