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This should be based on the theorist Dr. Troutman-Jordan’s Theory of Successful Aging. The plan of care should be in a Family Nurse Practitioner level style. Please let me know ahead if you have other questions. And I would appreciate if you will be able to send me a draft before the deadline. please put in the reference the pages you got it from. Thank you. this is the required text: Marlaine Smith, and Marilyn E. Parker, (2018). Nursing Theories and Nursing Practice. (4th ed.) FA Davis. ISBN-13: 978-0-8036-3312-4.  Assignment Essay Paper


Dr. Meredith Troutman-Jordan’s Theory of Successful Aging defines three factors that contribute to the complex process of successful aging. Firstly, functional performance mechanisms that incorporate physical mobility, physical health, and health promotion activities. Secondly, intrapsychic factors that include personal control, negative affectivity, and creativity. Thirdly, spirituality that includes religiosity and spiritual perspective (Smith, 2019, p. 469).


As adults go through the aging process, they are faced with the reality of finite life that is drawing to a close over time. At this point, spirituality questions abound as the individual retrospectively looks at the life lived. In this case, there is need for a spirituality coping process that helps in acting as a buffer against some of the stressful events that the individual faces. For that matter, a spirituality care plan is useful for overcoming the individual’s difficulties and distress. The care plan would focus on the elements that affect the coping process, particularly the elements of social support, emotion-focused and problem-focused coping even as it transforms and conserve meaning in the face of adversity. Firstly, the elements of social support coping would seek both concrete and emotional aid and advice from others. The outcomes of these elements is dependent on the social context. For instance, an individual can choose to confide in others to improve outcomes, but if there is a negative response from the confident, then the individual would experience emotional distress. Secondly, the elements of emotion-focused coping are directed at managing emotional response to the difficulty to include using food and substances such as alcohol, expressing emotions, withdrawal, and avoidance. Thirdly, the elements of problem-focused coping encompass the cognitions and behaviors targeted at breaking down the problem into manageable pieces, takin direct action, or seeking information. In general, a plan of care based on spirituality coping process would improve outcomes, although it can be associated with negative guises such as feeling of being deserted or treated unfairly (Llewellyn et al., 2019, pgs. 233-234).


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Smith, M. (2020). Nursing Theories and Nursing Practice (5th ed.). F. A. Davis Company.  Assignment Essay Paper
















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