Child and Elder Abuse Reporting Essay Example

Child and Elder Abuse Reporting

Child abuse denotes the exposure of children to conditions that do give a chance to their children to exploit their natural healthy developments. In most cases, child abuse comprises subjecting children to responsibilities that are mostly meant for adult individuals. Therefore, it is a misuse of children because of their weaknesses and inability to defend or protect themselves. Some of the evil actions related to child abuse include sexual molestation, child labor, and battering of children. Child abuse can also manifest itself when underage girls are married off to old people with or without the consent of their parents and guardians. Research shows that the use of children as house helps has become rampant in many societies and is becoming the modern form of child abuse across many countries (Salter, 2018). Reports have indicated many cases of children being sexually abused through cases of defilement and raping.  On the other hand, child abuse refers to an intentional act or failure to act causing or even creating risks of harm to adult individuals. An older person is an individual the age 60 years and above. In most cases, the abuse of an older individual occurs at the hands of a caregiver. There are various forms of adult abuse including physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional or psychological abuse, and neglect. Additionally, adult abuse takes place when an older person faces financial abuse especially when the caregivers or children of the older individuals use the finances of an older person, benefits, and belongings. It is important to report child and adult abuse cases as a way of preventing adverse consequences and protecting them from physical, mental, or emotional torture. The paper examines articles related to child and elder abuse reports, summarizing their findings, examining the salient ethical and legal, and legal issues relating to the topic as they concern psychiatric-mental health practice for children/ adolescents and adults.  Child and Elder Abuse Reporting Essay Example

The first article examines in the paper is “Ethical issues in elder abuse reporting: A professional psychologist’s guide. Professional Psychology” by Zeranski & Halgin (2011) which explains that elder abuse is an issue of concern for professional psychologists who have legal and ethical obligations. According to the article, many Americans are aging and it is escalating the likelihood of professional psychologists interfacing with older adults or their caregivers in the clinical practice, and thus will require to be aware of the ethical issues affecting them. Child and Elder Abuse Reporting Essay Example   The authors further say that America has witnessed numerous cases of elder neglect or abuse. They also report that, unlike child abuse, elder abuse has been a social issue that has received less attention from the concerned parties. Some of the issues facing them are the battery and abandonment (Zeranski & Halgin, 2011). Also, ethical issues such as institutional abuse or neglect are reported in the article. Legally, covering elder abuse issues vary from one state to another. For instance, some states only cover vulnerable adults with physical limitations and cognitive issues without covering those others with salient conditions. However, it is of great significance for psychologists to report suspected elder abuse. The Ethics Code argues that it is important for psychologists to engage in a confidential discussion with elder people to understand the issues they are facing and assist them accordingly.


The other article is “Ethical Problems,” which talks about the victims of abuse and sound policies to be adopted in curbing the vice from affecting the society. According to the article, nurses and doctors ought to report all victims of spouse and elder abuse policy. The article reports that it is important for the hospital to develop policies to assist staff members in identifying cases of abused children and adults. However, the challenge faced relates to finding a strategy to identify abused individuals without scaring them off. The article further reports that there are ethical issues relating to elder abuse about unresolved feelings. For instance, when an older person is taken to a hospital setting and is put on a life support machine, the hospital may at times undertake a disconnection of the machines and let the individual die. Even though that is illegal, such actions are not reported and eventually affect the older adults in society.

Also, “Child sexual abuse: ethics and evidence” by Salter, M. (2018) is another article selected. It talks about child sexual abuse and ethical consideration. The article reports that for the last 40 years, child sexual abuse has become a regular disturbing issue in many societies. According to the article, a constant stream of news on sexual abuse is reported to create public awareness of the existence of child abuse in many societies (Salter, 2018). Ethical issues relating to child sexual abuse according to the article include fabrication of sexual behavior through online platforms such as Facebook. Even though the reporting might be provided as a way to provide information, it can also act as an opportunity to encourage perpetrators to abuse children sexually. To respond to the issue, Salter (2018) says, the multiagency legal team must incorporate to provide legal support to sexually molested children.

More importantly, the “Moral Challenges When Suspecting Abuse and Neglect in School Children: A Mixed-Method Study” by Forsner (2021) was also selected. According to the article, the “World Health Organization (WHO) reports that child maltreatment has become a global issue. The authors say that it is important for school professionals including teachers, social workers, and healthcare professionals to identify and report cases of child abuse in society. Even though the maltreatment of children has been a global concern, ethical issues also relate to its poor response towards the vice from the community (Forsner, 2021). The article reports that some governments neglect the protect children from being abused. However, the authors report that officially mandated legal professionals’ institutions that are entrusted with the protection of children sometimes do not do what is required of them. Also, some legal institutions do not report cases of child abuse and maltreatment which adversely affects the policies created to protect them.  Child and Elder Abuse Reporting Essay Example


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Topic selected: Child and elder abuse reportin Locate a total of four scholarly, professional, or legal resources related to this topic. One should address ethical considerations related to this topic for adults, one should be on ethical considerations related to this topic for children/adolescents, one should be on legal considerations related to this topic for adults, and one should be on legal considerations related to this topic for children/adolescents.


Briefly identify the topic you selected. Then, summarize the articles you selected, explaining the most salient ethical and legal issues related to the topic as they concern psychiatric-mental health practice for children/adolescents and for adults. Explain how this information could apply to your clinical practice, including specific implications for practice within your state. Attach the PDFs of your article Pls answer all questions Don’t forget to add the website to the references thanks  Child and Elder Abuse Reporting Essay Example



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