Conversation Concept Lab

Conversation Concept Lab

Doctor: Good afternoon. What is the purpose of your visit today? Are you feeling unwell?

Patient: Hi. Well no. I’m not unwell. In fact I feel good. I am just here for a physical.  Conversation Concept Lab

Doctor: That’s good. Not many people care about their health enough to come for a physical. I however highly recommend them. So, do you have any medical issues or have you had any in the past?

Patient: I think I have been pretty healthy most of my life. I almost never get sick, I have never broken a bone. In fact the only time I have been to surgery was for my gender affirmation surgery.

Doctor: Ok. Good. And how long ago was that?

Patient: Five years. The surgeries were successful. No complications whatsoever.

Doctor: Good. Good. Do you take any medications?

Patient: I do not.

Doctor: Any vitamins or supplements you are on?

Patient: None. I am very particular about what I eat. A balanced diet is very important for me.

Doctor: Be that as it may, supplements and vitamins simply help ensure that you get all necessary nutrients in the body. Just like the name suggests, they supplement what you get from your diet. I hope moving forward you may consider taking some. All it takes is a simple blood test and we can fix you up with the supplements you need. How does that sound?  Conversation Concept Lab

Patient: Anything you say doc.

Doctor: That’s very good. Do you have any prescriptions?

Patient: No. I have none.

Doctor: Great. What about allergies. Do you have any?

Patient? Yes. I am allergic to peanuts.

Doctor: Just peanuts?

Patient: Just peanuts. I have never had an allergic reaction to any other foods.

Doctor: What about medications? Any allergies?

Patient: No. None.

Doctor: Good. And when did you have or experience your first reaction to peanuts.

Patient: I was four I think. Yes, definitely four years old.

Doctor: What symptoms did you experience when you ate peanuts?

Patient: Well, when I’ve had peanuts, the inside of my mouth and throat have become very itchy. It feels weird. I don’t remember ever getting hives or anything like that.

Doctor: So how severe would you say your peanut allergy is?

Patient: I wouldn’t use the word “severe.” It’s just the itching. I would say the reactions are relatively mild when I have peanuts or foods containing peanuts.

Doctor: After exposure to peanuts, do you experience any breathing problems?


Patient: Rarely. However, when I do, the reaction is pretty mild.

Doctor: Have you ever been hospitalized because of consuming peanuts or foods with peanuts?

Patient: It has never been that bad. The effects are usually pretty manageable.

Doctor: And how do you usually treat your peanut allergy?

Patient: Well, my first instinct is usually to avoid peanuts altogether. The last time I accidentally took something with peanuts, the doctor said the reaction was midland just gave me some Benadryl.

Doctor: So you take Benadryl every time you have an allergic reaction to peanuts?

Patient: Yes. But again, it does not happen often.

Doctor: What strength Benadryl do you use?

Patient: Just normal strength.

Doctor: Do you have an auto-injectable device for epinephrine? An EpiPen?

Patient: Nope. I’ve never had or even used an EpiPen. Like I said, reactions are pretty mild.

Doctor: You mentioned no allergies to medications. Are you allergic to latex?

Patient: Latex allergy? No. I have never had a reaction to latex.

Doctor: Any other food allergies?

Patient: None. No other food allergies.

Doctor: What about environmental allergies? Pollen? Dust?

Patient: Me? No. I don’t have any problems with dust or even pollen. My father gets hay fever. In the spring he blows his nose so many times so I know how uncomfortable these allergies can get.

Doctor: Ever smoked or used any tobacco products?

Patient: I tried it a bit on college. Truth be told smoking just isn’t for me. I have not tried it since.  Conversation Concept Lab

Doctor: That’s a good call. Tell me, what do you know about the impacts of smoking on a person’s health? Are you aware of any consequences of smoking cigarettes?

Patient: I know the basics. Stuff that I’ve seen online, on infomercials and also in school. You know, like COPDs like bronchitis and emphysema, and diseases like arthritis and different cancers.

Doctor: Any friends that may encourage you to try smoking again?

Patient: None. None of my friends smoke.

Doctor: Do you drink?

Patient: I do. Not a lot. I mean not often and I never get drunk. Ever! I thought we were talking about my allergies here? But it’s fine.

Doctor: Yes. Please understand that while some of these questions may sound personal, they do give us valuable insight into your health and things that might be affecting your health. Do you understand?

Patient: No. It’s fine. I get it.

Doctor: Do your friends drink? (Clarified to do they consume alcohol?)

Patient: Same as me. They drink a little and only occasionally. I am pretty mindful about who I spend my time with.

Doctor: What about at home? Does anyone else consume alcohol?

Patient: I live alone so it’s just me there.

Doctor: Have you ever experimented with drugs?

Patient: Does weed count? Sorry, I mean marijuana.

Doctor: Yes. It’s advisable to disclose if you have experimented with the drug. Everything has its pros and cons and it’s my job to make sure you are aware of the cons that affect your health.

Patient: I did try it sometime back. Just like cigarettes I instantly knew it was not for me. Some of my friends still use it though.

Doctor: Do you have any pressure from your friends to try using marijuana again?

Patient: No. They respect my choices. Actually they never do it around me or when we are hanging out. When I tried cigarettes and marijuana I was much younger. I can confidently say that I did not do it out of peer pressure or to try to fit in. Mostly I did it out of curiosity and I drew the line at those two. I have never tried any other drugs; hard or otherwise.

Doctor: That’s good. I think that just about covers it. What will follow now is a brief and non-invasive physical examination. I just want to let you know that there is no need to be anxious. Based on our conversation I will not and don not have to carry out a genital examination today.

Patient: Thanks doc. I am not anxious. All I care about is getting a clean bill of health.

Doctor: That’s great.

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