Covid-19 at Kingston Healthcare in California Essay Paper

Covid-19 at Kingston Healthcare in California: Understanding the Local Healthcare System for Successful Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) Implementation

Covid-19 at Kingston Healthcare in California: Understanding the Local Healthcare System for Successful Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) Implementation
The coronavirus pandemic appears to have not yet reached its peak. Infection rates are still rising nationally and the crisis is yet to be contained. In recent days, the United States has seen the worst Covid-19 death rates ever since the pandemic started. At the Kingston Healthcare facility in California, the situation is no different to the rest of the country. We have seen a spike in cases not only within the community but also among the healthcare staff. Covid-19 at Kingston Healthcare in California Essay Paper

Measures have been put in place to try and mitigate this trend. These have included educating the patients and clients on continued application of preventive measures such as social distancing, regular handwashing, and wearing of face masks; educating and training the nursing staff on the proper use of PPEs, and vaccinating the staff and community with the approved Covid-19 vaccines such as Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna (BBC News, 2020; FDA, 2020). This discussion paper examines the importance of understanding the local healthcare system for successful EB implementation. This is done from the standpoint and context of Kingston Healthcare in California.


Importance of Understanding the Local Healthcare System When Planning for EBP Implementation
When planning an EBP implementation program such as the one for Covid-19 at the Kingston Healthcare facility, it is very important to understand the dynamics in the local healthcare system if that program is to have any chance of success. For instance, vaccination has been unanimously accepted as one of the myriad of evidence-based interventions that should be used to combat Covid-19 spread. This is why there is an ongoing Covid-19 vaccination program at Kingston Healthcare in California. However, the distribution of these vaccines depends on the logistical arrangements that are made by the local healthcare authorities. For this reason, it is important that how the local healthcare system works in order to get the vaccines in a timely manner and at the required doses and temperature. This is what has been done at Kingston Healthcare where the current project involves:
• Reducing and eventually stopping the spread of the novel coronavirus through sustained community education on prevention.
• Vaccinating as many vulnerable persons as possible with the approved Covid-19 vaccines in order to achieve herd immunity.
• Monitoring those who have been vaccinated for possible occurrence of adverse effects following immunization or AEFIs.
Anecdotal Evidence for Consideration
I have received invaluable anecdotal evidence from my preceptor concerning this matter of the role of local healthcare systems in EBP implementation. The first one is that one needs to be a transformational nurse leader to be able to network effectively within an interprofessional collaboration framework. This way, arrangements can be made to avail enough doses of vaccines for vaccination at the Kingston Healthcare facility. Second, one needs to identify and solicit for the resources that are available in the local healthcare system to aid in the EBP implementation. These include human and fiscal resources (Warren et al., 2016). In this case, the federal government has dispatched resources to all jurisdictions with regard to the Covid-19 vaccines. In the case of Kingston Healthcare, it is crucial that the nurse managers liaise closely with the California healthcare authorities to benefit from these resources. For instance, they need to provide the California public health authorities with the facility’s expected patent and client numbers so that enough doses of vaccines can be dispatched to the facility. This way, the EBP implementation at Kingston Healthcare in the form of Covid-19 vaccination will succeed.

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