Cultural Considerations in Nursing Essay

What cultural and historical features of Sri Lanka contributed to the success of the country’s maternal health program?
What are some assumptions that a person might make about you based on your appearance or cultural background? All cultural diversity is not about ethnicity, religious affiliation, or traditional backgrounds. When you consider what cultural issues affect you and/or your community, think about whether you represent diversity of another kind, such as; rural versus urban, east coast versus west coast, employed in a small hospital versus a large research center, or providing nursing practice to young versus elderly, acute care versus clinic care or mental health care. Each of these \”types\” of diversity contribute to you as a person and how you practice nursing. Cultural Considerations in Nursing Essay
How might that affect the nursing care you receive?
What cultural information would you want a nurse or doctor to know about you?
What would you want a health promotion program to include that addresses a health concern for your cultural or ethnic community?
After considering the different aspects of cultural beliefs and practices, explain how culture influences health beliefs and how might most health programs address these beliefs? Describe how you would apply this to care you receive and care you provide to others.  Cultural Considerations in Nursing Essay

Cultural Considerations in Nursing: Discussion Post

Historical and cultural aspects of Sri Lanka that played a part in the success of the program encompass an effective civil registration system; this ensures trustworthiness and reliability of the data that is collected by the healthcare system. in addition, the government of Sri Lanka extended healthcare services within al aspects. The key reasons behind the success of the program in Sri Lanka were due to the competency of the staff and skillfulness of the midwives. The healthcare system adapted within Sri Lanka was strong and offered free healthcare services to the whole population. The country also has a feasible system for problems allied to pregnancy as well as other general health problems. The country has always strived to have an efficient healthcare system and extensive access to maternal healthcare. Cultural Considerations in Nursing Essay


Cultural beliefs play a role in the attitudes of patients regarding healthcare as well as their ability to understand and cope with the disease and the effects of medical treatment. According to Lowe et al (2016) patients and their families have certain values and ideas that are allied to health concepts and disease, adherence to treatment, as well as expectations regarding healthcare provision. Moreover, some cultural values and beliefs affect patient roles and expectations, how patient seek information about illness and treatment, perception about dying and death, bereavement patterns, as well as decision-making process (Wegner & Anthea, 2015). Cultural beliefs also impact how patients perceive patient education and their adherence to treatment. A study conducted by Pearl et al (2017) indicated that individuals with low formal education had lower adherence to the treatment regimen and also did not comprehensively understand how medication work.  Cultural beliefs also affect therapeutic relationships as well as communication between the healthcare provider and patients, together with their families.

To ensure cultural diversity, nurses can increase their awareness of various cultures, while healthcare organizations should have healthcare information published in various languages and have interpreters to eliminate the language barrier. Moreover, organizations should recruit healthcare providers from diverse cultural backgrounds (Pearl et al, 2017).


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