Developing a Philosophy of Nursing Essay Example

The definition of a philosophy is having a personal and specific outlook and approach you can use to make decisions and take actions. Your nursing philosophy could include your attitudes about working in healthcare facilities, working as part of a team or how you feel about people.  Developing a Philosophy of Nursing Essay Example

In a 1-page paper, include the following:

Describe your perspectives about the nursing profession.
Discuss your personal beliefs about your role as a nurse.
Explain your approach to caring for other

Developing a Philosophy of Nursing

The philosophy of nursing presents the fundamental base upon which nursing practice characteristics are shaped. It is the base upon which clinical situations of nursing practice are viewed, perceived, understood and interpreted even as nursing approaches are formulated for the clinical situations. Understanding the philosophy helps in enhancing problem-solving capacity, to including contributing to the capacity to extract essential information, deal with questions of value, and organize issues and ideas (McEwen & Wills, 2018).

Describe your perspectives about the nursing profession.

At its core, the nursing profession is concerned with protecting, promoting and optimizing health and wellness, while preventing injury and illness, alleviating suffering through diagnosis and treatment, and advocacy for nursing stakeholders. This makes it clear that nursing is all about leveraging unique nursing knowledge, skills and competence to deliver nursing care (McEwen & Wills, 2018).


Discuss your personal beliefs about your role as a nurse.

Nurses have unique roles that are rooted on personal beliefs that either consciously or unconsciously determine professional performance. The beliefs give direction on what is desirable, good or good, while motivating professional and social behavior when acting as a nurse. My beliefs are based on the understanding that respect is important. By respecting others, I treat them the way I would like to be treated. This includes respecting the views and opinions of other stakeholders, and ensuring that they are included in decisions. Even as I respect others, I expect to be similarly respected. This means that even as I listen to and incorporate their views, I also expect them to listen to and incorporate my views (Helming, Shields & Avino, 2020).

Explain your approach to caring for others.         

My approach to care is communicating and listening. This involves listening to the verbal and non-verbal cues so that I have a better understanding of each patient’s condition, and am able to make the best care decisions. In fact, communication allows me to understanding the needs of each patient so that the care I provide meets the identified needs (Helming, Shields & Avino, 2020).


One must accept that a philosophy of nursing helps in structuring professional practice. In addition, one must acknowledge that the perspectives on nursing and personal beliefs focus on the patient and determine priorities in professional nursing practice. Also, communicating in nursing is important for understanding and meeting the needs of individual patients.


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Developing a Philosophy of Nursing Essay Example

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