Discsexual Orientation Ussion Replies

please read and write replies to the following posts. —–> Timothy’s post: This question is less of a hypothetical for me and more of a very large and important topic in my life, so pardon me if this post is long, it’s very abbreviated, but I can only say so little without losing meaning. As of now, I currently identify as gay, though there’s some ambiguity there in my attraction to non-binary people. Either way, my attraction to what is considered traditionally female has been too elusive to ever really provide me with the option of a traditional heterosexual relationship that would last, which was of great remorse to me when I began to wonder why I had to continue to wait for my sexual attraction to women while my friends formed attractions. This was further made confusing to me because of the ease I would form a sense of intimacy with people regardless of gender, which lead me cognitively down a dead-end path with girls where I didn’t want things to progress. I handed it by reasoning with my friends that it was for other reasons, pretending it was the difficulty of relationships that held me back. To some degree, I have to say at the time I didn’t even know I was even lying to them. despite my attractions, I truly justified my investment in males as purely a novelty everyone experienced and was something that would fade away once I got over the taboo. Of course, there was no reprieve from this, and having a religious background like Tori, I developed a lot of self-hate towards myself during this time and committed myself to a single celibate lifestyle as a compromise to the cards I had been dealt. Discsexual Orientation Ussion Replies


Of course, regardless of sexual orientation, intimacy is a very human want, and this lead to a bit of a mental breakdown when I first voice the issue with my dad in a painful moment.
It was on the telephone early in the morning after spending the night awake, and at the time I couldn’t even say what was wrong without making my dad go through a series of guesses that ultimately landed on the topic of sexuality, and the best I could say was “yes, it’s related to that”
after this I seeked out therapy and worked through my various issues, coming back to my dad months later to attempt to have a more honest conversation, at least the best I could. Things went mixed, it was an odd combination of support and a lack of eye contact and his doubt in my own thoughts, suggesting I was just confused or I really wasn’t this way. Having a very close bond with my family was difficult to hear despite the words of support, it felt like a tragedy even though I know I was tolerated and supported in theory. Having been a couple of years since the first couple of conversions, I later was in a relationship with someone for a year, and I attempted to voice this, but it was understood as an effort to voice my sexual life which was unwelcomed, rather than a profession of love which I felt. This left me feeling a mix of emotions including guilt for drawing attention to myself, along with sadness because it seemed such a large obstacle in living an open-life integrated life, rather than the dualism I currently still feel.
As of now currently, my mom doesn’t know due to a whole other series of concerns, but I’m optimistic about the future as a whole. My family has always been highly traditional, and my mother is religious, but I know it’s something that can be worked through, and in the end, I’m lucky for the support and love. In some ways that’s why the issues hit harder, to be loved so much and not be fully accepted for an aspect of myself. The empathy and care is there though in my family, it’s not all going to be resolved shortly, but this ends well, i know it.Discsexual Orientation Ussion Replies

Honestly though, this really has helped me be a better person as much as it has been a source of pain and difficulty. It really allows me to understand people have all their own struggles in life which aren’t always clear on the surface, and people are not always heroes and villains, everyone has their areas of strength and weakness, and it’s okay to see this ambiguity in its full detail.
I also learned the power of social forces through the transition of moving between a heterosexual world and a homosexual world with gender expectations for “being male”, and the “new” freedom I have felt to express myself however I want (what’s going to happen after all, am I going to be double gay?! haha). The fact this was previously invisible to me as a matter of fact, is something that inspired me more into psychology, as I couldn’t understand how these forces weren’t clear to me before, and it’s something that drives me to search for a truly authentic life. Honestly, I wish I could convey everything I learned in life through this facet, it’s useful for living for anyone, and that’s why I’m thankful for my issues in a sense. ———>Bianca’s post: Tori approached the situation indirectly by leaving the book around for her family to find and question. They cried and became angry about her sexual orientation. Eventually they tolerated it.

My family would not have any issue with that information. Growing up sexual education was a topic we discussed often and my parents always made sure that me and my brother understood they did not care who we loved as long as we were safe. My parents were very open to life and accept people as they are never expecting to change them. So I would not have even hesitated to tell them. They would have embraced me and my lifestyle of choice. They would of course have question but would never react with anger or sadness. ———–> Daisy’s post: Good evening, I think my parents would go along with my decision especially my mother. She was very supportive of her children. My mother was very understanding and she would go alone with whatever made us happy within reason. We needed that balance in our household. On the other hand, my father would not understand it. I know he would ask a lot of questions but he would eventually go along with my wishes. I remember in high school I could not attend my senior prom. My father did not like the guy for some reason or he just can not accept change. I was upset with him for a long time but eventually I got over it. I believe my sisters and brothers would probably ask me if I am happy and they would go along with whatever lifestyle I choose. My siblings seem to be open-minded. I have a nephew that is gay and we respect him and his partner. My sister is fine with it because she wants him to be happy. Discsexual Orientation Ussion Replies

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