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A big part of any nurses job is providing education for their patients. This is especially important for the community/public health nurse. Choose one of the following scenarios and explain how you think the community/public health nurse could explain the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the precautions needed to the client. These scenarios all include towns that are still under the stay-at-home orders. Discussion Question Essay Example

A five year old boy who does not understand why he cannot go out and play with his friends at the park

Discussion Question

The selected scenario is about the 5-year-old who does not understand why he cannot go out and play with his friends at the park amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The community/public health nurse needs to explain to the boy that currently there is an outbreak of a very infectious disease known as corona disease and there is no cure. Symptoms of the corona disease include coughing, breath difficulties/breath shortness, fever, sore throat, muscle pain, chills, among other symptoms (Singhal, 2020).

The disease is easily spread through saliva droplets or nose discharge from an infected individual. Therefore, the most effective way to slow down or prevent the transmission of the disease is by keeping a distance from people because one may not be aware of the person with coronavirus (Vine et al, 2020).


. For this boy, playing in the play park is a potential place for the spread of coronavirus. Moreover, playing with friends will mean coming into contact with the playmates who may be having the corona infection. This may lead to the boy getting coronavirus infection. The key to reducing the spread of coronavirus is by limiting contact and thus children should avoid in-person playing with children from different households. Discussion Question Essay Example

The boy should further be advised to observe precautions such as adequate and regular hand washing using water and soap or by using alcohol-based rubs to kill the coronavirus. It is also important to avoid touching the face because coronavirus is a respiratory virus and gets in the body via the respiratory tract (Vine et al., 2020). When sneezing or coughing, one should always cover the mouth or cough into a flexed elbow.


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Discussion Question Essay Example




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