Health Psychology Theory

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This week, we are going to take a break from journaling (again) and instead reflect more deeply on influences of our behaviors.  To do this, we will revisit a concept we covered earlier in the course–that our health is influenced by our biology (e.g., genetics, illness), psychology (e.g., thought processes, habits), and social interactions (e.g., social support).  This is called the biopsychosocial model, and it is one of the main underlying tenets of health psychology.  In contrast of the biomedical model, which focuses exclusively on biological or medical causes of health and illnesses, the biopsychosocial model takes a more holistic approach.  It suggests that illness is caused by a combination of factors, such as our genetics (biology), thought processes (psychology), and social support (social).Health Psychology Theory


For example, according to the biomedical model, migraines are understood to be caused by impacted blood flow in the brain (biological reason). The biopsychosocial model, on the other hand, explains that migraines may be influenced by blood flow or underlying genetics (biology factor), but the migraines may be triggered by stress (psychological factor), which may come about from school demands (social factor). By looking at the interaction between these three factors, health psychologists can better understand the complex, and multiple causes of health conditions.

Again, we will be delving into the biopsychosocial model to explain our own health decisions. This week, we cover the “psychology” piece.  To do this, please provide a 300 word reflection about how you think your psychology affects the behavior you have decided you would like to change.  Your reflection should draw from the psychology theories and concepts listed in the article posted in this module titled “Health Behavior: Psychosocial Theories.”  This includes, but is not limited to the health belief model, self-efficacy, and theory of planned behavior.  You do not have to include all concepts from the article, but you should include at least one.  Health Psychology Theory

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