Healthcare Policy Related to Availability of Blood Essay Paper

As a future master’s-prepared advanced practice nurse, consider different areas where you would like to practice. In Module 3, you developed a PICOT and identified an area of interest. Select a healthcare policy that addresses the identified area of interest or concern.

Complete a concept map to include the following.
Identified microsystem area of interest
Overview of the selected healthcare policy
How the policy addresses regulatory, economic, and social aspects
Assignment Instructions
Abide by the Chamberlain College of Nursing Academic Integrity Policy.
Sources older than five years may not be used without the permission of the class instructor.
Title page, pagination, subheadings, body of paper, citation of sources, and reference page must follow APA guidelines as found in the most current edition of the manual. Healthcare Policy Related to Availability of Blood Essay Paper


Rules of grammar, spelling, word usage, punctuation, and sentence and paragraph structure are followed and consistent with formal, scholarly writing as noted in the most current edition of the APA Manual.
Please note: If you do not receive a proficient rating in any major content category, you can re-submit your assignment with revisions in those content categories to receive a better grade. You have one additional opportunity to revise after the initial submission in order to make improvements. The initial submission must be a complete paper; rough drafts will not be graded. All revisions must be submitted no later than Sunday of Module 7 at 11:59 p.m. (You cannot revise your APA for a higher grade in that category.)
Length: Concept map is one standard 8×10 page
Concept map may be hand-drawn and submitted as a PDF, or software may be used to create the concept map
Scholarly literature is required
A minimum of three scholarly literature references must be used.
Submission: Submit your files via Dropbox: Last name_First initial_Module 6: Health Care Drivers
Title page

References (2016). H.R.6132 – National Trauma Care System Act.

Melnyk, B.M., & Fineout-Overholt, E. (2019). Evidence-based practice in nursing & healthcare: A guide to best practice, 4th ed. Wolters Kluwer.

Palatnik, A. (2016). To err is human. Nursing Critical Care, 11(5), 4.

Pfeifer, R., Halvachizadeh, S., Schick, S., Sprengel, K., Jensen, K. O., Teuben, M., Mica, L., Neuhaus, V., & Pape, H.-C. (2019). Are pre-hospital trauma deaths preventable? A systematic literature review. World Journal of Surgery, 43, 2438–2446.

Healthcare Policy Related to Availability of Blood Essay Paper


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