Healthcare Professionals and Organizations Essay Paper

Please choose ONLY ONE of these questions for discussion:

1. Discuss use of internet (blogs, YouTube, websites) to communicate as an individual health professional or as a health care organization. Please share the site and discuss the pros and cons of using this type of site in health care. How do concerns about quality and reliability of information available on the internet impact their use for consumers?

2. Share how national nursing organizations are turning to the internet to promote communication and education to members (etc. ANA, AAOHN, etc). Please compare two organizations’ web presence and discuss how they could advance a nursing service in this manner. How do concerns about quality and reliability of information available on the internet impact their potential use for professionals?

3. Discuss the need to collaborate with Informatics specialist to develop and maintain an integrated Electronic Health Record (EHR) presence to extend the health services of an organization or an independent practice. How do patient/client concerns about interoperabilty and data sharing impact the potential frequency and reliability of complete EHR integration?  Healthcare Professionals and Organizations Essay Paper



Question 3

An example of social media tools used by healthcare professionals and organizations is a blog. Blogs provide healthcare providers with an opportunity to publish and post a large amount of information in an open forum using different types of media such as text, audio and video. A healthcare professional can use a blog to improve professional networking, promote health, patient education, and promote public health programs (Smailhodzic et al., 2016).

Specifically, blogs can be used to share information, debate practice issues and healthcare policies, promote healthy behaviors, and educate patients and interact with colleagues, patients, and caregivers. A healthcare provider can use a blog to disseminate health information, post new discoveries and latest-evidence, and motivate patients. In addition, it is also possible to hold debates and make inquiries about the published healthcare issues through the comment section (Ventola, 2014). Blogs can also reach a wide coverage of people.  Healthcare Professionals and Organizations Essay Paper

However, the use of blogs is associated with various issues such as poor-quality information. The key limitation of health information in blogs is that it often lacks reliability and quality. The information may also not be cited, informal and incomplete. Moreover, users may also be susceptible to overt and hidden conflicts of interest that they may not be able to interpret (Smailhodzic et al., 2016). In addition, the publishing of the unprofessional content using blogs can reflect negatively on the healthcare providers and the affiliated organization. Finally, since the information published in the blogs is unauthenticated, the information can potentially compromise the safety of the information. Therefore, consumers, and especially the informed users may avoid using the published educative information in the blogs, while other consumers may end up using unreliable information, which may compromise their health (Ventola, 2014).


Smailhodzic, E., Hooijsma, W., Boonstra, A. et al. (2016). Social media use in healthcare: A systematic review of effects on patients and on their relationship with healthcare professionals. BMC Health Serv Res, 16(442). doi:10.1186/s12913-016-1691-0

Ventola C. L. (2014). Social media and health care professionals: benefits, risks, and best practices. P & T: a peer-reviewed journal for formulary management, 39(7), 491–520.

Healthcare Professionals and Organizations Essay Paper



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