Human Growth and Development Essay Paper

In your first paper, consider the Four Prototypic Dimensions of Parenting and address the following:
Which style best describes the approach used by your parents/guardians when you were growing up?

Which style do you (or would you) use with your children?

What impact do you think the parenting-style you experienced growing up has had on you? Has it influenced (or would it influence) your style as a parent?
Be sure to support your responses and give examples.  Human Growth and Development Essay Paper

Human Growth and Development

My parents used the authoritarian style while I was growing up. My parents were very strict and they had a strong sense of obedience without questioning their authority. They were very demanding and they required us to follow their laid down rules. Authoritarian parenting style is typified by high demand with minimal or no responsiveness and mistakes by the child are punished harshly (Kuppens & Ceulemans, 2019).

As a parent, I would use an authoritative parenting style. This is because the style allows the parent to listen to the children while still maintaining control and authority. Authoritative parents are assertive, demanding but at the same time responsive and not intrusive. Evidence shows that the authoritative style produces the best-adjusted children who are self-regulated, cooperative, and socially responsible (Zahed et al., 2016).  Human Growth and Development Essay Paper


The parenting style I experienced when growing up impacted on my interpersonal skills. For example, I tend to seek approval before engaging in something. Some years ago, my self-esteem and confidence were relatively low, especially during my teenage years. The authoritarian style has been shown to produce children with low self-esteem (Zahed et al., 2016). The parenting style I experienced has influenced the style I would use as a parent. For example, I would rather take a different parenting approach and use the authoritative parenting style that is normally moderate and it includes setting standards as well as being responsive and nurturing to the child (Kuppens & Ceulemans, 2019). Moreover, I prefer a parenting style where children have a voice to air out their concerns and where they are respected as rational and independent beings.


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Human Growth and Development Essay Paper

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