Illinois Institute of Technology Psychology Discussion

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Which selection method do you think would be more beneficial for a company?

The two selection methods are compensatory and comprehensive selection. A compensatory selection balances peoples strengths and weakness to evaluate their final score. A comprehensive section is unbiased and a direct report of how well the person performs. From a company’s perspective, they would want the best overall performer. However this would eliminate a person who is very good in one field but not all of them.Illinois Institute of Technology Psychology Discussion

The company could also decide to hire people who specialize in different areas, but that could cause them to underperform in areas they don’t have more knowledge of. By hiring with compensatory methods. it would require a lot of teamwork to make sure the quality of work is adequate


Source: Works in the 21st century: An introduction to industrial and organizational psychology


What will happen if the selection process does not reflect the actual job?

In the hiring process of big tech companies for software engineering position, the interviewers would ask questions to assess the applicants’ knowledge in data structure, algorithms, problem-solving ability, which are very important skills that a software engineer should have. But the questions are often very tedious, which makes the questions seem to be unrelated to the actual task.

This problem has led to applicants tend to grind the practice questions and still get the job even though they will not perform as well as someone with actual experience in the field but does not grind.

Would this be a problem for the companies that they have missed out on the better candidates? Or it wouldn’t be a problem since skills can be trained. Illinois Institute of Technology Psychology Discussion

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