Importance of Benchmarking Essay Paper

Importance of Benchmarking

Benchmarking involves identifying best practices, evidence-based practices, and best practices (benchmarks) and then performing comparisons in order to identify potential areas of improvement (Tardy et al, 2015).  Benchmarking in healthcare organizations helps to improve efficiency, patient safety, quality of care, as well as patient satisfaction. Staff members may be provided with individual goals that will help in attaining a unit or organizational objectives (Tardy et al, 2015). After the implementation of new practices, it is important for the management to evaluate progress to establish if the new benchmark is being accomplished.  Importance of Benchmarking Essay Paper

Benchmarking promotes a culture of safety through regular patient safety assessments in order to enable the healthcare organization to have a clear view regarding the aspects of patient safety that require urgent attention, identify any weaknesses and strengths of the organizational safety culture, assist care giving units to identify any problems with patient safety, and finally benchmark the scores with other healthcare organizations (Weaver et l, 2013). Building a culture of safety is a fundamental component of improving patient safety and quality of care within healthcare organizations. According to Singer et al (2015) safety culture influences clinician behaviors such as error reporting, decreased adverse events, as well as decreased mortality rates.  Importance of Benchmarking Essay Paper


In order to promote a culture of safety in an organization, it is important to have a spirit of collaboration, teamwork, and cooperation among the administration, staff, and healthcare providers (Rosen et al, 2018). Effective teams are open, flexible, and respectful.  Therefore, such teams promote a culture of safety within an organization because effective teams are able to collaborate and communicate effectively when handling complex disease processes and care delivery. According to Rosen et al (2018), teamwork and collaboration among healthcare practitioners have been shown to a achieve a culture of patient safety within healthcare organizations.


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Discus the importance of using benchmarking tools and how they promote a culture of safety in healthcare organizations. Examine the importance of effective teams and how they contribute to high-quality care and culture safety in the organization.  Importance of Benchmarking Essay Paper


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