Information Management Systems in Improvement Initiatives Essay

Information Management Systems in Improvement Initiatives

According to Islam et al (2018), information management systems are important in the implementation of quality improvement initiatives by being valuable in, effective and resourceful planning and control of management functions. Information management systems are useful in the collection, organization, analysis, and display of data that helps the organization to implement the quality improvement initiatives (Vest & Erika, 2015). This information is also used to make informed healthcare decisions. For instance, if a healthcare organization aims to establish the cost and feasibility of having a new unit, the information management system plays an important role in availing the required data to guide the management in decision-making. Islam et al (2018) further explain that information management systems monitor interventions and determine discrepancies from the recommended and evidence-based care information and therefore corrective measures are implemented.  Information Management Systems in Improvement Initiatives Essay


Practice, procedures, and policies help the management in healthcare organizations to follow the recommended initiatives by providing the appropriate processes for care provision (Vest & Erika, 2015). Formalized Practice, procedures, and policies are used to facilitate conformity to the standard professional practices; encourage adherence to the required regulation and accreditation prerequisites such as HIPAA, lower practice variation; also serves as a resource for the personnel, and especially the new staff members (Vest & Erika, 2015). This indicates the significance of procedures, practice, and policies in the patient safety and smooth running of healthcare organizations.


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How do information management systems assist management in implementing quality improvement initiatives?

Discuss how practice, policies, and procedures can assist management in enduring continued adherence to proposed initiatives.  Information Management Systems in Improvement Initiatives Essay



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