Isopod Behavior in Different Stimuli Lab Report Essay Example


Basically, it should contain a cover page with a title that clearly identify your work (not like “pillbug lab” which could mean anything). Then your name, and class. From second page, Abstract or Summary, Introduction which should contain background, purpose of your study including hypothesis, Materials and Methods contain details of procedure written in a way anyone should be able to repeat the experiment by just following your procedure, must be written in past tense in paragraph from as it is already completed by you. Next section is Results that you need to write 2-3 lines, add graph with description of graph in the bottom (you need two graphs), the you Discuss your result in discussion section. Finally, two sections are reference citations, you will need two (in intro or discussion) and acknowledgement. All sections must have separate heading.  Isopod Behavior in Different Stimuli Lab Report Essay Example

Writing a lab report

  • Use the following headings in your lab report:


  • 1Provide a title that reveals information about the study and its outcome. Use a cover page dedicated to the Title. The cover page also contains your name, also include the name(s) of the project participant(s), class title, date, and instructor’s name.


  • 1Provide a brief summary of your work (in about 50-60 words).


  • Do include a background, purpose, and your “hypotheses” (see below).
    • 2The background should include 1) description about pill bugs and 2) what material is used for and why you used it in your study (eg. Choice/behavior chamber: what it is, how it is used and for what?)
    • 1aThe purpose (your scenario)
    • 2 State your hypothesis and how you could test it.


  • 1make a list of the equipment used (in paragraph).
  • 2Do describe the procedure in your own words. Do not number the steps in your procedure. The procedure should be in paragraph form, not recipe form.
  • 1Must use past tense


  • 2Include results as Table and/or graph and also use few lines to describe. Must have description or descriptive captions with tables/graph.
  • 1But, don’t make a conclusion.


  • 2Provide a conclusion based on the results. Your conclusion should relate to the purpose of the exercise that you described in the introduction.
  • 1Critique your experimental technique.
  • 1Tell how you might conduct a similar exercise in the future.

Reference/Literature cited

  • 1Provide a list of references (a minimum of two references should be used. Excluding the handout provided by the Instructor).


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