Legal and Ethical Issue in Hospital Essay Paper

Legal and Ethical Issue in Hospital (Lack of Cancer Unit)

The major ethical issue involved in setting a cancer unit in the hospital is the ethical justification for spending that is not cost-effective. According to Luz et al (2015) in some cases, cancer treatment is normally very costly and yet the costly treatment does not save lives of dying patients but only extends their lives for a short time. In addition, setting up a cancer center in the hospital will impact factors such as balanced acute care criteria for suitable bed use and procedures for the medical team to deal with medical futility.  Legal and Ethical Issue in Hospital Essay Paper

Legally, before setting up the cancer center, it is mandatory to obtain the required licensing and approval documents to operate the cancer center. In addition, the cancer center should be well equipped before it starts operation (DeCamp et al, 2017). The available space should be adequate enough to ensure enough be-space for cancer patients. More importantly, the cancer center should have qualified professionals including oncologists, renowned physicians, oncology nurses, and counselors to ensure competent provision of team-based patient-centered care to address holistic patients’ needs (Rasoal et al, 2017).


Another ethical and legal issue involved in setting up a cancer center in ensuring the organization has the required protocols of procedures on how to provide care to oncological patients. For example, the hospital should have clear policy and procedures on patient autonomy, therapeutic obstinacy, right to information, and ensuring all healthcare providers work within the law (Rasoal et al, 2017).


It should be ensured that before the cancer center starts being in operation, it should be well equipped with the appropriate facilities and equipment (Luz et al, 2015). In addition, recruited healthcare professionals should have the required skills, competency, and knowledge to handle cancer patients. Lastly, the cancer unit should have well-laid procedures and policies to guide healthcare providers providing care in the cancer unit (Luz et al, 2015).  Legal and Ethical Issue in Hospital Essay Paper


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In this discussion, complete the following:

  • Research a current legal and ethical issue in the field that relates to your specific project.
  • Briefly explain your issue.
  • Provide a recommendation on how you will address this issue in your project.

Support your initial post with relevant sources.

My specific project is Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital is a complete family-centered inpatient and outpatient facility. They cover services that include emergency room, surgical and medical care, pediatrics, cardiology, neurology, allergy, orthopedics, podiatry, urology, and obstetrics to name a few.  They provide all those services but do not have a cancer center.

Legal and Ethical Issue in Hospital Essay Paper



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