Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing

Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing

Introduction to the Case

The case study introduces the story of Judie, who has been the nurse manager for the last ten years, and now she feels frustrated with the work to be done. She, as a nurse, suffers from staffing cuts and the solutions made regardless the interests and attitudes of the nurses. For a long period, Judie enjoyed the processes she had to be involved in and the necessity to take care of people, overcome health problems, accept the reality as it is, etc. Now, everything has changed, and Judie has doubts about her further job as a nurse. Still, she had to support her children and does not want to neglect the seniority got.

Values Evident in the Situation

Regarding this situation, it is possible to identify several values that are ethically accepted practices according to which nurses understand what they have to do and when (Finkelman & Kenner, 2009). Like many nurses, Judie understands the importance of her profession. It is not only necessary to provide services and be a part of a team. Every nurse has a number of duties that should be complete on a high level, should be connected with other nurses worldwide to share their experience and knowledge, and has to care people despite of their personal frustrations or stresses. Besides, Judie, as a responsible mother, thinks about her children and the financial support that she offers to her family having a well-paid job. All these values can be observed in the case provided and understood.

Reflection to Personal Values

These values are similar to my personal values. I think that stresses or dissatisfaction because of the necessity to complete family and working responsibilities should not define the solutions made. I truly believe that people, even those, who have the most interesting jobs, face personal problems and dissatisfaction from time to time (Guido, 2010). Still, it is not the reason to leave a job, think about changes, and make fast decisions. It is time to think how offer some changes based on personal practice and explain the ways of how nursing can be more effective. Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing



The conflict that arises from the values is misunderstanding between employers and nurses. The employers do not want to listen to their workers and make the decisions that meet the needs of the company but not the personnel. It is necessary to think how to avoid the most evident risks and solve the problem.

In Judie’s Position

Being in Judie’s position, I tried to solve my personal discontents and would be eager to divide my professional and personal life separately. I know that it is not that easy to find a job that satisfies a person completely. Still, I like nursing the most. And I find it wrong to quit nursing with such a serious seniority just because something goes wrong for a moment. With time, everything could be changed.

Solution for Judie

I would recommend her to have a vacation with a family. It will help to realize that a successful financial condition does matter in a family. The vacation can also be a kind of break from work and time to think about nursing, patients, who are in need of her care, and her own place in this world. Finally, I want her not to make fast decisions and understand that employment is not as successful as it may seem nowadays. There is no certainty to find a good job with time. Is it worthwhile to quit a good job because of personal dissatisfaction? Maybe, it is necessary to look for some options within the already got working place.


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