Mobile Technology in Outpatient Care Essay Paper

Trends in Informatics: Mobile technology in outpatient care

There is a general understanding that the key to an effective health care system that can prevent diseases, detect and diagnose diseases in a timely manner, and provide safe and affordable treatment is communication between the patients and providers. Recent trends reveal that mobile technology is being leveraged as an available and mature communication tool that can easily be repurposed for facilitating communication between providers and patients. In fact, an analysis of mobile technology use in health care reveals that as a communication tool, the technology contributes to convenience, cost reduction and time management at all levels, to include making individual appointments and hospital visits with providers. With growing number of mobile users and advancements in mobile technologies, such as 5G networks, newer opportunities are being opened up to improve the communication between patients and providers. Besides that, mobile technology is being integrated with other health care domains to improve care delivery and outcomes (Sharma et al., 2022).  Mobile Technology in Outpatient Care Essay Paper


Sedgwick Awosoga and Grigg (2019) notes that mobile technology provides immediate access to information that would potentially increase the amount of time that providers spend with patients. This is a concern when it is considered that during a 12-hour shift, nurses walk between 6.6 and 8 kilometers when engaging in indirect patient care activities, a long distance that takes time to cover, time that they would have spent with patients. Mobile technology is being explores as a tool that would enable nurses spend less time walking, thereby contributing to them spending more time on patient care activities to realize better patient outcomes. This has been an important consideration in the face of increasing patient acuity (Sedgwick, Awosoga & Grigg, 2019). Overall, it is clear that mobile technology has significant communication application in health care since it facilitates communication between providers and patients while offering an easy, quick and convenient access to relevant, evidence-based information, thereby decreasing the amount of time that nurses spend on indirect care activities.


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Mobile Technology in Outpatient Care Essay Paper

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