Peer response Deidra Anderson Essay

Peer response Deidra Anderson

There are various viruses that could trigger Bell’s palsy. The condition in question occurs when there is an inflammation or swelling the temporarily puts a degree of pressure on the nerves controlling facial muscles as seen in the patient and recorded by Deidra Anderson. The pressure will in turn impair the function of the nerve thereby making it difficult for one to control their facial expressions and muscles (Heckmannet al., 2019). With the subsiding of the inflammation however, the nerve will start to function. It may however take months for the symptoms to fade away. Peer response Deidra Anderson Essay

The response in question states that the patient’s facial features are asymmetrical with decreased muscle tones and left facial drooping. The patient is also experiencing dropping to the left corner of the mouth. Furthermore, they have a widening of the palpebral fissure of the left eye and difficulty closing the left eyelid. Based on the description of Bell’s palsy above, it is likely that the differential diagnosis given is correct. Peer response Deidra Anderson Essay


No specific test exists for this condition. It is the responsibility of the healthcare provider to study the patient’s face as in the scenario in question and ask them to move their facial muscles by closing the eyes, lifting their brows, showing their teeth, frowning and other movements. It is however worth noting that other conditions such as infections, stroke, Lyme disease, tumors and inflammatory conditions can also cause weakness in facial muscles thereby mimicking Bell’s palsy (Abu Mettleq, et al.  2019). Therefore if the cause remains unclear, the health care provider may recommend additional tests as in this scenario.

According to Zhang, et al., (2020), imaging scans such as computerized tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can be required occasionally to rule out all other possible sources of the pressure experienced on the facial nerve such as fractures to the skull and tumors.


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Peer response Deidra Anderson Essay

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