Philosophy of Nursing Practice Essay Assignment Paper

For this first course Discussion, you will present a philosophy of nursing practice that draws on your experience, area(s) of expertise, and beliefs. Looking ahead to your role as a DNP, also consider how to expand your awareness of issues beyond your own current practice—such as regarding diversity, global health, collaboration—and how to fulfill the Walden requirement to advocate for social change

In short, begin now to commit to a higher level of contribution and practice as a DNP and to reflect that commitment in your philosophy of nursing practice for today and the future. As you continue through the course, note this image will appear with each Discussion and indicates an opportunity to connect your thinking with that of colleagues, for learning with and from one another.  Philosophy of Nursing Practice Essay Assignment Paper

To prepare:
Review the Week 1 Learning Resources. Pay particular attention to the Chapter 1 reading from McEwen and Wills, “Philosophy, Science, and Nursing.”
Reflect on your nursing experience, expertise you have developed, and beliefs about nursing and nursing practice you have formed as a result.
Consider how your philosophy of nursing practice is shaped by these elements.
Consider goals for expanding your professional awareness through the DNP program and the requirement as a Walden student to be an advocate for social change. How can your philosophy of nursing practice support you in these areas? How can these goals and Walden social change requirement enrich your philosophy of nursing practice?
With these thoughts in mind …

Post an explanation of your philosophy of nursing practice that briefly describes your nursing experience and area(s) of expertise. Be sure to explain your beliefs that inform your philosophy of nursing practice and your goals for expanding your experience and practice as a DNP (e.g., embrace of diversity, global health issues, collaboration). Then, explain the DNP role as a social change agent and recommend at least one way you will advocate for positive social change as a Walden DNP. Be specific and provide examples, with all citations in APA 7 style.
some references from class reading

Philosophy of Nursing Practice

My personal philosophy of nursing practice presents contemplations about the values, principles and beliefs that direct my professional practice as a nurse. My philosophy is characterized by the concept of care even as I seek to provide culturally sensitive, empathetic and holistic care. I believe that all humans are born equal and that each person has a responsibility to care for the next person. In providing care to others, I similarly expect to receive care from others. If I do not provide care to others, then I would not expect to receive care when I am in need. Based on this belief, I always seek to be where I am needed and provide the required care. My idea of care is not simply to diagnose patients and provide the required treatment. Rather it extends beyond being a provider to include acting as an advocate, teacher, leader and manager so that I influence all aspects of health to ensure that individuals and communities receive the best possible care, and achieve the best care outcomes (Vana & Tazbir, 2021).


In addition to care, there is a need for compassion with regards to understanding others as human beings at the scientific, physical, social, psychological and emotional levels. I feel that compassion engenders a personal touch to nursing with a focus on ensuring that patients receive personalized care that identifies and meets their unique combination of needs. Besides that, I believe that I should only do what I am qualified to do as doing what I am not qualified to do would ultimately place others at risk. My qualifications are determined by education background, experience and certification. Overall, my philosophy of nursing is that I have a responsibility to provide patient-centered, holistic, safe nursing care that identifies and meets the individual health needs of my patients and community (Finkelman, 2019).

Even as I qualify as a DNP, I would not ignore the advocacy role, especially with regards to acting as a social change agent. The DNP program improves the professional nursing competence through higher education and certification. With a DNP qualifications, the nurse takes on the identity of an expert who acts as a social change agent through advocacy. The identity of an expert allows the DNP nurse to have more authority and influenced, with greater voice in forums involving nursing issues. The expert power is leveraged through formal or informal legitimate means to direct and guide change in determining the realistic direction of change, rationale for the change, and goals to be achieved, as well as acting as a role model to inspire and show others what is worth imitating. The advocacy efforts that a DNP nurse undertakes are intended to influence others by showing evidence that the social change is in the best interest of the population, listening to what individuals and communities need, and being aware of how issues are connected. Besides that, DNP nurses introduce new ways of thinking about change, leading change and adapting to change. This involves working closely with peers and other stakeholders to identify necessary change areas that would improve processes and outcomes. As such, DNP nurses have acquired the requisite skills to act as change agents and influence human behavior, including persistence to guide the change process, decisiveness, need for achievement, intelligence, and supervisory ability (Zaccagnini & White, 2017). Overall, DNP qualification would make me effective in change management as a nurse who is knowledgeable about the process, tools and techniques required to improve change outcomes.


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