Plan for Flood and Hurricane Disasters Essay Paper

Plan for Flood and Hurricane Disasters in Charlotte NC

This plan is to ensure the safety and effective evacuation of Charlotte NC residents in case of a flood or a hurricane. Community members need to evacuate as soon as the warning is issued about an impending flood or hurricane.  Plan for Flood and Hurricane Disasters Essay Paper

Situation and Key Points from Flood Risk Assessment

Charlotte NC has a high probability of experiencing flooding and hurricane. Charlotte NC has varying physiography that makes it extremely venerable to flooding and has many areas that are low-lying and flat and also coastlines and valleys that make it predisposed to flooding, after an accumulation of heavy rainfall. The region also experiences strong winds making it predisposed to hurricanes. From the historical evidence, there is a high likelihood that Charlotte NC will continue experiencing flooding and hurricanes.



  • Contact the local officials to find out whether your home is located in a flash-flood-prone area
  • Learn regarding the community’s emergency plans, evacuation routes, warning signals, and where emergency shelters are located
  • Plan and practice flood evacuation routes with the family members
  • Have emergency phone numbers
  • Provide the local authorities regarding special needs such as people with disabilities, the sick and the elderly
  • Learn about the potential home hazards and learn to protect and secure them before the flood strikes. In case of fallen power likes and standing water, turn off the electrical power. Ensure the water supplies and gas are turned off before evacuation.
  • Ensure you have a fire extinguisher and the family members know its location and how to use it
  • Ensure the electric components such as the wiring, sockets, switches, and breakers are elevated 12″ above the home’s projected flood
  • Ensure toilets, drains, and other sewer connections have plugs or backflow valves installed to prevent entrance of floodwaters
  • Finally, in case of any flood or hurricane warning, evacuate immediately to the advised area or shelter


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Plan for Flood and Hurricane Disasters Essay Paper


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