Practicum Experience Plan Essay Paper

As you establish your goals and objectives for this course, you are committing to an organized plan that will frame your practicum experience in a clinical setting, including planned activities, assessment, and achievement of defined outcomes. In particular, your plan must address the categories of clinical reasoning, quality in your clinical specialty, and interpersonal collaborative practice.
For this Assignment, you will consider the areas you aim to focus on to gain practical experience as an advanced practice nurse. Then, you will develop a Practicum Experience Plan (PEP) containing the objectives you will fulfill in order to achieve your aims. In this practicum experience, when developing your goals and objectives, be sure to keep PMHNP clinical skills in mind. Practicum Experience Plan Essay Paper

To Prepare
Review your Clinical Skills Self-Assessment Form you submitted last week, and think about areas for which you would like to gain application-level experience and/or continued growth as an advanced practice nurse. How can your experiences in the practicum help you achieve these aims? There may be overlap between your skills goals and your PEP goals.
Review the information related to developing objectives provided in this week’s Learning Resources. Your practicum learning objectives that you want to achieve during your practicum experience must be:
Reflective of the higher-order domains of Bloom’s taxonomy (i.e., application level and above)
Discuss your professional aims and your proposed practicum objectives with your Preceptor to ascertain if the necessary resources are available at your practicum site.
Select one nursing theory and one counseling theory to best guide your clinical practice. Explain why you selected these theories. Support your approach with evidence-based literature.
Create a timeline of practicum activities that demonstrates how you plan to meet these goals and objectives based on your practicum requirements.
The Assignment
Record the required information in each area of the Practicum Experience Plan template, including three to four (3–4) measurable practicum Learning Objectives you will use to facilitate your learning during the practicum experience.


Practicum Experience Plan (PEP)
My professional aims in the context of the practicum experience are to gain as much practical experience as possible with regard to the affective and psychomotor domain of learning, and to develop confidence. Confidence at the clinical site is crucial in making me a good and efficient PMHNP.
The nursing theory I select to best guide my clinical practice is Jean Watson’s theory of Caring. The counseling theory chosen is behaviourism. The reason for choosing these theories is that the Theory of Human Caring allows me to be loving and to create a healing environment for the patients. The objective is to let the patient know that they are cared for unconditionally and in a wholesome manner (holistic care). Watson’s middle range theory is also the best because it is in line with the nurse’s role as a patient advocate. The belief is in healing and the reality of miracles as stated in the theory proposition (Alharbi & Baker, 2020; Ozan & Okumus, 2017). The theory of counseling of behaviorism on the other hand is concerned with learned experiences. Counseling in his context employs the concept of changing behavior by repeatedly doing what is right and learning from the rewards received. This is what makes it appealing to me.

The timeline of practicum activities on how to meet these goals and objectives will entail first a period of objective setting in the first week of the practicum experience. This will be followed by planning on the model of learning that I will adopt at the practicum site. In my case I would prefer case presentations. Finally, the remaining weeks will be spent on picking cases and presenting them from admission to discharge. Three practicum learning objectives in this regard are:
• To be able to handle cases presenting at the clinic from admission, investigations, prescription, and discharge
• To implement care under the guide of the ethical principles of autonomy, beneficence, nonmaleficence, and justice (Haswell, 2019)
• To apply what was learnt under the cognitive domain of learning in class to the cases presented at the practicum level.
Alharbi, K.N., & Baker, O.G., (2020). Jean Watson’s middle range Theory of Human Caring: A critique. International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Scientific Research, 3(1), 1-14.
Haswell, N. (2019). The four ethical principles and their application in aesthetic practice. Journal of Aesthetic Nursing, 8(4), 177-179.
Ozan, Y.D., & Okumus, H. (2017). Effects of nursing care based on Watson’s theory of human caring on anxiety, distress, and coping when infertility treatment fails: A randomized controlled trial. Journal of Caring Sciences, 6(2), 95-109.  Practicum Experience Plan Essay Paper



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