Research Design Essay Paper

Research Design
You have designed a plan for an evidence-based research project. Discuss your plan for dissemination of your results and your thoughts on designing and taking part in an evidence-based research project in your future role as a master’s prepared practitioner.  Research Design Essay Paper

Disseminating evidence-based research project results involves making the results and other project deliverables available to stakeholders and the wider audience. Done right, the dissemination allows the audience to understand what the research project is all about and convinces them to sustainably apply its recommendations for the short-term and long-term. Four dissemination methods have been deemed appropriate.


Firstly, preparing a project report for presentation to the facility for degree defense. The EBP research project is part of the degree program and presenting its results to the facility is a requirement for indicating that this part of the course has been successfully completed (Bemker & Schreiner, 2017). Secondly, publishing the project results in peer-review journals, magazines and other publications. This is an appropriate method for delivering the results to other nurses who read the publications to inform them about how the project recommendations can inform their practices. Thirdly, discussing the project results in forums and conferences. This method engages stakeholders in discussions whereby the project results are presented then they are offered the opportunity to question the results for accuracy and veracity (Garcia-Dia, 2019).
Designing and taking part in an evidence-based research project is a learning opportunity for my future role as a master’s prepared practitioner. Participation in research helps with efforts to provide a body of knowledge that advances nursing practice. Through the experience, a practitioner learns how to conduct rigorous nursing research that helps to shape health policy and contribute to global healthcare. Besides that, it prepared practitioners for EBP and use research in everyday practice by familiarizing them with the steps to take in incorporate research into professional experience and a patient’s preferences. Also, it prepares nurses to teach others on how to conduct research and use research results (Schmidt & Brown, 2019).

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