Response to Answer for Topic Essay Paper

Response to Answer for Topic 1 DQ 1

I find your argument and the provided examples to demonstrate the difference between expressed argument and implied argument very interesting. I concur with the first example of organ donation as an expressed argument. In this example, the author attempts to convince the audience towards a perspective, that is the need to support organ transplantations and donations. The author provides evidence to support the argument by explaining that, in spite of the increasing number of organ transplantations and donations, the number of individuals requiring organs keeps increasing. Therefore, there is an ever-rising gap between the need for donor organs and the availability of the donated organs.  This argument clearly persuades the audience to support organ donation.  Response to Answer for Topic Essay Paper

Similarly, the bumper sticker stating “Organ donors save lives” is a perfect example of an implied argument. This is because the message may not be directly conclusive and persuasive regarding organ donation but the message seeks to persuade the audience on the importance of organ donation. Through organ donation, lives are saved! Therefore, both expressed and implied arguments, in this case, seek to deliver the message regarding the importance of organ donation. The expressed argument is explicit, while the implied argument is implicit (Ratan et al., 2019).


Expressed argument example I found was on organ donation. The need is real. There has been great advances in medicine, but there is a great need or organs. At this time there are over 113,000 people that are in need of an organ to be donated. Every ten minutes there is someone else added to the donors list. There will be over 8,000 people to die from the lack of organs being donated.Twenty-two people will die every day because the organ they need will not be available. The need is real and their expressed argument is real(Donatelife).  Response to Answer for Topic Essay Paper

Implied argument example that I found is on the bumper sticker that states “Organ donors save lives”(Cafepress). This is a true statement, and though many think it is just a bumper sticker, it is sending a powerful message to those that have the ability to save a life when their life is finished. In some cases that is not the case. A person does not have to die to save someone else. If you have two healthy kidneys and you are a match, you could donate one to save one.

It is important to understand the difference between expressed and implied arguments. The expressed will leave you no doubt what the writer is wanting you to believe or be persuaded to believe. The implied argument is more subtle, and maybe even could be used as entertainment, but the message is usually clear, but in a more subtle way.

Using these two arguments in my first essay will be used to persuade the audience what I am wanting them believe. They will persuade or sale my argument to my audience to believe my point of view.


Ratan, S. K., Anand, T., & Ratan, J. (2019). Formulation of Research Question – Stepwise Approach. Journal of Indian Association of Pediatric Surgeons, 24(1), 15–20.  Response to Answer for Topic Essay Paper






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