Rowan University Topics Related to Psychology Discussion

Throughout this course, you will work on a single project that will result in a paper at the end of the semester. This first post will give you an opportunity to explore different ideas of what to research. Your task is to submit three things you have wondered. These things ought to be related to psychology and must be used as your final project. To help, consider the following guidelines/requirements: Rowan University Topics Related to Psychology Discussion

Your post must pose questions you have wondered

You must submit three different topics related to psychology

There needs to be some scientific research related to this topic already

  • Examples of good topics
  • Do attractive people tend to make more money?
  • Is sleep affected by stress?
  • Do visualization techniques improve a quarterback’s performance?

Do people who yell at their partner have a higher probability of separating than those who respond to conflict quietly?

Examples of not so good topics Rowan University Topics Related to Psychology Discussion

Will it rain tomorrow?

  • Problem: Not psychology-related and doesn’t require a semester-long project
  • Alternative idea: does rain affect test performance among college students?
  • Do aliens exist?
  • Problem: Not psychology-related and probably hard to determine scientifically)

Alternative idea: Does belief in aliens correlate with one’s political identity?

Is it faster to go to campus using Route A or Route B?

  • Problem: Not psychology-related and there’s not going to be scientific research on this topic

Alternative idea: Are people who rush to work more productive than those who drive casually?  Rowan University Topics Related to Psychology Discussion

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