Strategies for Academic Activities and Accomplishments for Portfolios

Strategies for Academic Activities and Accomplishments for Portfolios

Nurses pass through a lot of academic research and experiences before attaining certifications in their respective areas of specialization. It is through nursing portfolios that nurses are able to show their professional journey of achievements and experiences. There are several ways that personal growth of nurses can be presented in a portfolio. An academic journey of a nursing profession can well be presented in an eportfolio. They demonstrate academic progress and the course work in a college as well as providing evidence for meeting outcomes of the practicum.  Strategies for Academic Activities and Accomplishments for Portfolios

Discussing growth and development is the first strategy that I have chosen to include in my academic accomplishments and activities.  As a nurse and a future acute nurse care practitioner, there are numerous existing opportunities for growth and development within the practice (Webb et al., 2017). Development and growth involves, skills, knowledge and progress within one’s practice. For instance, in my current state as a nurse, discussing the process of advancing my education to become an Acute care nurse practitioner as well as gaining employment in an acute care setting would form my growth process. As a regular nurse in my everyday practice, I usually strive to find other means that would facilitate my growth. For the purpose of continued growth of a nurse, it is essential for one to increase and expand their competencies in areas such as patient assessment and nursing leadership. Utilizing the available opportunities for growth as a nurse helps to increase the quality of outcomes among patients.

The second strategy is incorporating evidence based practice in my professional development goals. Some examples of evidence based practices is oxygen provision to patients with COPD and control of infections among others. In infection control for instance, it has played a crucial role in the US especially during this covid-19 pandemic. The various ways of practicing evidence based practice in infection control include wearing of gloves and masks as well as maximizing hands hygiene after interacting with patients. Strategies for Academic Activities and Accomplishments for Portfolios


Incorporating the two strategies, evidence based practice and growth and development within my professional development will help to increase my knowledge and skills thereby offering quality services to my patients. Incorporating the two strategies will therefore be an advantage in my current practice and in the future as an Acute care nurse practitioner. Walden University is one of the higher institutions that put more emphasis on social change. This is evident from the school’s website that state that “Our founding principle will continue to guide us as we embrace new ways to learn and new ways to shape a better world (Lindell et al., 2021).” During my process of striving to become an Acute care nurse practitioner through utilizing the aforementioned strategies, it will be in accordance with the institution’s emphasis. I am therefore a part of shaping a better world when utilizing these strategies and at the same time receiving my education from the Walden University.


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Strategies for Academic Activities and Accomplishments for Portfolios


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