Strategies for Academic Portfolio Essay

In the realm of marketing, a successful branding strategy is one of the most important contributors to organizational success. A solid branding strategy can help add visibility and credibility to a company’s products.

Similarly, nurse scholars can build a personal brand to add visibility and credibility to their work. You can begin building your brand by developing and maintaining an academic portfolio. Such activity can help share the results of your efforts and contribute to your success. This Module’s Discussion asks you to consider and share strategies for building your portfolio.  Strategies for Academic Portfolio Essay

To Prepare:

Reflect on strategies that you can pursue in developing portfolios or portfolio elements that focus on academic achievements.
Review one or more samples from your own research of resources focused on portfolio development.
Post an explanation of at least two strategies for including academic activities and accomplishments in your professional development goals. Then, explain how those goals may align with the University’s emphasis on social change. Be specific and provide examples.

Strategies for Academic Portfolio

Post an explanation of at least two strategies for including academic activities and accomplishments in your professional development goals.

An academic portfolio is an organized collection of documents that presents relevant artefacts that showcase academic and professional growth in terms of talents, relevant skills and charts. Three strategies have been identified for including academic activities and accomplishments into the professional development goals as part of the academic portfolio. First, creating an experience that engages and captivates the audience. This is intended to stimulate the audiences’ sensory perception so that they are more amenable to remembering the content of the portfolio. The visuals in the portfolio should create a sense of memory in the audience. This is achieved by making dramatic use of visuals to include using dynamic color, scale and focus, and including interesting and varied compositions. The memorable visual elements are applied in both print and digital formats of the portfolio (DeNisco & Beauvais, 2020). For example, video and interactive tools can be included in a digital format of a portfolio to create an interactive experience that enables the audience participate in the portfolio presentation thus making it appealing and unique to them.


Second, planning the sequence of portfolio content/material into a logical order. This requires that all the academic and professional accomplishments and activities be organized into a logical sequence that follows a time scale as well as beginning with outstanding activities then ending with the accomplishments that resonate most with the audience. This is important for creating a lingering impression that the portfolio is of high quality. In organizing the content, the material placed in the middle should act as a transition/bridge that connects the accomplishments at the beginning and end of the portfolio. Also, the portfolio content should be arranged by specialty. This is important for enabling the audience to focus attention on what they value most as the portfolio takes them through a story on why the professional position suits the individual (Iwasiw, Andrusyszyn & Goldenberg, 2019).

Third, the portfolio layout should be simple and straightforward. In fact, the layout should be focused on presenting that relevant accomplishments and activities. Besides that, the presented information should be kept to a minimum without adding superfluous information. This is important for ensuring that there is no interference with the audiences’ flow in going through the portfolio. Adding superfluous information and including too much information can be overwhelming for the audience and easily distract them from the information considered important. This is based on the awareness that the audience is likely to view many portfolios and would only remember those that stand out as presenting details that are of interest and keep them attentive and interesting on getting additional details (Weiss, Tappen & Grimley, 2019).

Explain how those goals may align with the University’s emphasis on social change. 

Having professional development goals is important for having a target in improving professional qualifications in terms of competencies, knowledge and skills over time. These goals are aligned with the university’s emphasis on social change as they are targeted at improving qualifications with the ability to affect the professional practice environment in profound ways, thereby changing practice at the global scale. In fact, the goals are targeted at improving professional capabilities with a view to being better equipped to identify and address problems within the workplace environment. Through continuing education, I am able to improve my professional qualifications and thereby gaining the ability to take on more professional roles and responsibilities even as I lead the fight for social change. This is especially the case when gaining independent practice ability to serve underserved, poor communities that would otherwise be without access to health care providers. Furthermore, higher qualifications allow me to take on the position of an expert who can be engaged in policy drafting and implementation, a position that allows me to affect the policies. These are changes that I can only achieve if my portfolio grows and is presented in a manner that highlights my accomplishments (Zaccagnini & Pechacek, 2019).


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