Study Plan Self-Reflection

The pretest was an eye opener for me about myself. It really exposed all my inadequacies and things I thought I knew, and I realize that I have a lot of studying to do. I made a score of 52/100. I did guess some answers even though I got some of these guesses right, I still feel there is lot of work to be done for me to be successful in the certification exam. I have more of things to work on than strengths.

Personal Strengths

Some of my main strengths in that pretest is the ability to identify symptoms and give a proper diagnosis, communication skills with the patient and ability to identify their needs. I also did well in identifying different types of defense mechanism and ethical questions. Study Plan Self-Reflection



I will strive toward acquiring vital information about available diagnostic tools. A PMHNP must learn how to use diagnostic tools as well as provide accurate information and conclusion based on assessment outcome. Moreover, exposure to diagnosis tools will enhance my decision-making capabilities in using appropriate tools on different patients and for different conditions. Also, I need to learn more about parts of the brain and their functions. My knowledge of psychoanalytic theory and developmental theories needs to be worked on. I need to learn more about different personality disorders and their presentations. I also need to brush up on some psychotherapy method and medication of choice for different psychiatry symptoms with .Study Plan Self-Reflection

Study Plan

Judy Duchscher’s theory of transition holds that the transformation that happens from being a nursing student to a professional healthcare practitioner depends on psychological, physical, as well as mental factors (Almoayad, 2019). Thus, it is important to assess a nursing student’s competence before he or she transitions into a professional care provider. The four possible goals necessary for practicum include:

Goal 1: To develop professional skills, I will complete course work requirements with an at least 85 percent score in 2 months.

Objective a: To gain confidence in my capabilities to formulate treatment plans.

Objective b: To be considered a valuable resource by my colleagues and patients.

Objective c: To examine clinical practices used in different healthcare facilities.

Goal 2: To acquire assessment skills that apply to nursing profession, I will join study group.

Objective a. To evaluate signs and symptoms of various types of diseases

Objective b. To analyze a patient’s examination results effectively.

Objective c. To interpret diagnostic results more effectively

Goal 3: To acquire psychotherapeutic treatment planning knowledge and skills, I will complete coursework requirements with an 85 percent score in 2 months.

Objective a: To determine different concepts applicable to different therapeutic modalities.

Objective b: To determine effective evidence-based nursing practice standards and guidelines.

Objective c: To develop suitable healthcare plans for patients based on age and cultural beliefs.

Goal 3: To understand the impact of pharmacotherapy on quality of care,

Objective a: To understand patient’s response toward a treatment plan.

Objective b: To understand factors those which affect and necessitate changes to a treatment plan

Objective c: To determine patient’s preferences based on treatment plan.


Timetable for achieving my goal.

Although if I want to be honest with myself, I will say that I will focus on what I stand learn from this class for this term, try to retain as much as knowledge as I believe it’s also prepares me towards my certification exam do the little I can in term of reading a topic every per week while at it for other topics. Study Plan Self-Reflection

week 3 learning about nursing ethics

Week 4 The brain structure and its functions

Week 5 personality disorders/ preparing for my midterm exam.

Week 6 preparing and taking the midterm exam

Week 7 defense mechanism

Week 8- Major depressive disorder and treatment guidelines

Week 9- medications used in childhood disorders/ preparing for end of term exam.

Week 10 &11- is to make my clinical hours are complete.

Suitable Resources to Achieve Personal Goals

My plan for my certification examination is to study for at least 2 months after my graduation. I plan to join different study groups offline and online like Georgette online study group on Facebook and join her review class as well. In addition to the PMHNP certification review manual, I will be getting the Purple book and buy the ANCC question bank. Nursing is an ever-evolving landscape that requires nursing students to stay up to date on current information. Study Plan Self-Reflection


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Spiritual Case Study

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