The Art of Giving Feedback in Healthcare Settings


Leaders in healthcare organizations should be ready to provide timely feedback to their followers if they are to deliver desirable medical outcomes. This paper gives a summary of the article “The Art of Giving Feedback” and sheds more light about the best practice for providing timely feedback. The contents of the article will guide me to become a better professional who can offer timely guidelines and personalized advice to my followers and colleagues more efficiently.

Article Summary

In the selected article, the author presents a superior model for providing feedback to colleagues and followers in different healthcare settings. Sherman (2019) begins by explaining that unaddressed problematic behavior has the potential to affect the leader’s influence and morale of the entire team. Fortunately, it is evident that “regular feedback is a powerful tool for developing your team and supporting their career growth” (Sherman, 2019, p. 1). For managers and leaders who want to provide both negative and positive feedback, there is a need to build trust and ensure that the intended followers develop a positive mindset and can facilitate growth. The Art of Giving Feedback in Healthcare Settings


Additionally, leaders who want to engage their followers should have the right courage to support conversations that are difficult or unpredictable. Such professionals need to use “an evidence-based framework for feedback conversation that can help them stay on track and avoid the drama that companies negative behavioral feedback” (Sherman, 2019, p. 66). With continuous practice and experimentation, leaders can develop the right courage and eventually offer feedback that can deliver remarkable transformations in care delivery (Sherman, 2019). Professionals who consider these insights will engage their followers, provide timely performance reviews, and guide them to improve their practices continuously.

Impact of Article Content

The insights gained from this article will guide me to develop a superior philosophy for giving positive feedback. As a medical expert, I always interact and work with people with diverse backgrounds. The article has equipped me with powerful ideas regarding the importance of providing timely feedback continuously. I will embrace the idea since failure to do so will affect the involvement, morale, and performance of my followers.

As a leader, I will begin by building trust and ensuring that my followers can take my advice seriously. I will always be keen to foster a positive or growth mindset. I will also practice widely to develop the relevant courage for tackling troublesome conversations. This strategy will ensure that the targeted beneficiaries adjust their performances and eventually guide them to develop positive expectations. Through such a practice, I will transform the future of nursing and offer personalized medical care.


The art of giving feedback is a strategy that all leaders should be ready to develop. Since negative feedback could be challenging to provide, leaders should be on the frontline to build trust, empower their followers, and have the courage to take their followers to the next level. Such an approach will make it easier for them to handle difficult performance conversations more efficiently and eventually create effective teams that can transform patients’ experiences. The Art of Giving Feedback in Healthcare Settings


Sherman, R. O. (2019). The art of giving feedback. American Journal of Nursing, 119(9), 64-68. Web.

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