The Level of Disease in an Epidemiological Sense Essay Paper

The Level of Disease in an Epidemiological Sense: Sporadic, Endemic, Epidemic, and Pandemic

Epidemiology is the study of disease patterns in the community and entire populations. It is the evaluation and determination of the incidence, prevalence, and level of disease present in a given population at any given time. Because of this, different terminologies have emerged to describe and refer to the different levels of disease as seen and observed by epidemiologists in these populations. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC, a disease is referred to as being sporadic if it occurs in a given population sporadically, unevenly, and irregularly, and infrequently (CDC, 2012; Lumen, n.d.). His is a disease that is not common at all in the community but only occurs once in a while and then disappears. On the other hand, a disease condition is referred to as being endemic when it is constantly present within a population and the population seems to have adjusted to its presence. The prevalence of an endemic disease condition is seen as normal within the population of concern (CDC, 2012; Lumen, n.d.). If the incidence of this condition referred to as endemic were to suddenly spike within the population, it would then cease to be endemic and become an epidemic.  The Level of Disease in an Epidemiological Sense Essay Paper


A disease condition will be referred to as being an epidemic if there is a sudden increase or spike in the number of cases within the population than would normally be expected in that geographical area. In normal layman terms, this is what is usually referred to as an outbreak. Lastly, a disease will qualify to be referred to as a pandemic if it passes the epidemic stage and spreads within a short time to many countries and several continents (CDC, 2012; lumen, n.d.). A pandemic affects the largest number of people and usually has the characteristic of spreading very fast and overwhelming the healthcare systems of nations around the world. The best example of a pandemic is the current covid-19 disease that has so far killed millions of people around the world.


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The Level of Disease in an Epidemiological Sense Essay Paper



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