Use of Media in Promoting Policy Change Essay Example

Use of Media in Promoting Policy Change

A policy agenda is the list of issues (problems or subjects) to which the organization wants the audience outside the organization to pay serious attention to at a given time. For this to be achieved, the organization must make the audience aware of the list of issues. This can be achieved through the use of media in which the message that the media advances is shaped and filtered, not to reflect the reality but to concentrate attention on a unique perspective. This causes the audience to perceive the list of issues presented in the media as being more important than other issues (Milstead & Short, 2019). Use of Media in Promoting Policy Change Essay Example

An example of an organization that has made use of the media to promote a health policy agenda is the World Health Organization. Through its website, the organization provides information available to the public on the available Covid-19 vaccines as well as offering vaccine advice intended to convince the public to be vaccinated and governments to set vaccine mandates. Through the information presented in the website, the public is able to make informed decisions on whether or not to get vaccinated (World Health Organization, 2022).


An attribute of success in the media is that the information is presented in a website that is easily accessible to the audience through any communication device with an internet connection. This means that the public can easily check online to access the information in the website. In addition, the information includes hyperlinks on where the audience can get additional information. Still, there is a lack of graphics as an attribute. Graphics are useful for presenting information in a more memorable way and can capture the attention of the audience. Including graphics in the website would make the website more successful (Picard, 2020).


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